So, you have been sitting at home, on the couch, with your bag of chips, your stack of chocolate bars or your bag of popcorn, binge watching your favorite series on Netflix ever since the weather got cooler in October. 

Maybe its time to shake things up. Spring is just around the corner and before you know it the valley will once again come to life. 

Longer days, flowers blooming, birds singing and the sun will be warming everything up. Why not come out side and be a part of it.

Each spring the Fraser Valley Dragon Boat Club opens its doors to anybody and everybody that would like to try their hand at the sport of Dragon Boat.

Our free introductory lessons will teach you boat safety, equipment terminology and basic paddling techniques. 

The lessons consist of an introduction to the sport, a brief history of the sport in BC and a brief history of our club followed by some time on the water in one of our three dragon boats.

The lessons usually last an hour in length. Once the lesson is over there will be a short debriefing where you can ask questions, talk with the other paddlers or ask about our other programs.

Dates and times for the Open Paddles are as follows:

March 19th - Municipal Dock - Harrison Lake - Starting at 10:00AM

April 9th - Municipal Dock - Harrison Lake - Starting at 10:00AM

June 4th - Kawkawa Camp and Retreat - Kawkawa Lake - Hope, BC - Starting at 1:00PM

Fore more information please contact Didi Walker (, our Recruitment Director.